Not so great customer service

Customer Service in Barbados is great if you’re a tourist, locals don’t get that same wonderful experience. When it comes to efficiency toward each other our service is far from polished most of the time. I benefited from a visit to California where I saw the true definition of great customer service. I didn’t deliberately go to inspect a customer service model I was actually there being taught by several master artist but while I was visiting I did some exploring. I visited Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s Fifth Ave,Macy’s and Tiffany’s all of which had astounding customer service. It amazed me how such a great experience it turned out to be. Upon my return to Barbados I had an entirely new meaning to customer service. I’m a sole proprietor which means I may have to juggle several things at once but I try to issue some of that wonderful service  no matter who the client maybe.

Jamal j Ifill


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