Untapped potential

Barbados has done an exceptional great job of attracting foreign investment to our shores. Investors buy property  build houses or castles whichever they call it. Many times these individuals look for different and exclusive furnishings for their home or themselves , problem is they’re disconnected form sources or craftsmen that can provide a great job.

One of our international stores situated here on island brought in an artist from France to do a mural job, he came did a good job and left but months later his work needed some attention, it wasn’t holding up so the same store called a local artist (whose profession was in the same field for over fifteen years) to re-work the mural.

Now I’m not saying all craftsmen on the island are really good but you can tell when you take a good look at the work they do, that’s how you make a confident choice.  What I’m really trying to say is that our  finest artist can stand head and shoulders next to any other international artist.




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