An Investment Opportunity

Why in the world would I want couple thousand dollars for one piece of art? It’s an investment not an impulse buy. They’re two lines carried in Crystal Forms the Fun & Flirt and the Luxury collection. The Fun & Flirt collection is what I started designing for. As a young enthusiast I made pieces related to island life that tourist can take back home as a reminder of Barbados. This collection  also makes jewellery pieces that locals grew to admire and purchase.

Designing for the Fun & Flirt is great I love it but I felt the need to express myself as an artist so I created the Luxury collection. Most artist would go larger, bigger, build as big as they can but I’m not most artist. The material for Luxury is the same that created the Fun & Flirt but the major difference lies in the technique used to create the piece. The entire Luxury Collection is made up of refined techniques I personally created. My  technique is to use lampworking skills to transform borosilicate crystal beyond the lead crystal effect.

The Luxury pieces are more about the technique than the physical look.  All the pieces can’t be reproduced as easily as how they can be in Fun & Flirt in fact only some can be reproduced. Pieces like image 1 and image 2 can’t be reproduced at all. There’s also a colour difference in Luxury, most colours are transparent or translucent this is to show the maximum potential of the crystal and it was factored in while creating the techniques.Each piece is made with a signature loop design as well. The true value of those pieces lies not only in the technique it also expresses the emotion of  me the artist which tells a story. To express myself through my art means my work  speaks my unique view on life.


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