Coral Rocks not Paperweights

My inspiration for coral rocks came when I was snorkeling along the west coast of Barbados. I saw amazing brain coral which gave me my eureka moment. I wanted to build my interpretation of  coral rather than copy what I saw.

The techniques used for this is called compression or what some would call implosion. Lines and dots are drawn onto a flat disc of clear it is then held at a downward angle  while the fire from the torch heats the edge of the disc, it is periodically compressed. Depending on how the lines and dots are drawn determines the final look of the piece, in some cases the lines will be drawn in the opposite direction in order to achieve a certain finished look. The process takes much longer that the traditional methods used to form a paperweight. Gravity and timing are essential when using this technique. It’s complex to explain with words but if you ever visit Barbados I can give a brief fifteen minute demo.

People look at them as paperweights but I beg to differ, since they’re not made like traditional I renamed them Coral Rocks.


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