Teaching is not supposed to be boring!

Theory was never my first choice, practical on the other hand always was. Right after school I met my first teacher in flamework. The first few times of class he gave me books to read which I despised. Eventually I got my hands on the material.  I’m good with my hands so with time and patience I got better. My first teacher was and still is the best to date. I’ve had about four more tutors but the first gave me that solid foundation that I can build on.
Some of his methods of teaching was unorthodox but he got his point across,more importantly he made teaching fun. I wanted to learn even more. The most interesting part is the more I learned the more I needed to know about the material, it’s history, the tools used before and now, anything and everything  so I actually did theory.

The bond we shared went beyond teacher and pupil. I looked up to him as a father figure as he often gave sounded advice on some of my pressing issues and he would look out for my best interest.  Looking back he didn’t need to give his advice or look out for my best interest he could have just taught me flamework but since he did those things I am forever indebted to him.

Thank you Steve Ludwick


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