Jamal J Ifill

Simple and minimalistic are two words used to describe art yet it’s more than what meets the eye. For the past ten years I’ve focused on creating the ‘marriage’ of the technique with the finished piece.

My art doesn’t speak to a particular aspect of economic or social status but it expresses the inspirations of my life growing up in the Caribbean. My inspirations aren’t just about beauty, it’s more when closer look is taken.

I believe in the functionality of art. Imperfect perfection.


Apprentice to glass artist Steve Ludwick Eugene OR 2003

Attended art classes Community Development 2003

Studied at the Revere School of Glass Berkeley CA under Dustin Revere, Dave Strobel and John Kobuki 2008

Studied under Robert Mickelsen 2012


Nominee for Bambusa Award 2006 Bmex

Gold and Silver awards for nifca 2007

Best new design in Fashion Bmex 2011

Certificate of appreciation for a piece given to HRH Princess Anne


Barbados Consulate General to Canada


Shop #17 Pelican Craft Centre, Princess Alive Hwy, St.Michael,Bridgetown, Barbados.

Tel. 2464353865


My coming post will explain why this cv is very important to me.


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