What this little guy can do

I’ve landed myself in an unexpected career. I didn’t even know of glass blowing or flame working existence.

I was going through some books and came across my mother’s bank book. It had less than two hundred dollars. I panicked thinking she didn’t have enough to send me school so decided right there I’ll drop out to find a job and help her with bills etc.

I got a few interviews but it had proven to hard especially since I left school without any qualifications. I was literally walking around looking for work and that’s when I stumbled upon a glassblowing shop. The owner greeted me, he went on to tell me about classes being done.  I said I didn’t have money for classes.  I was almost through the door when he then said” there an option to do work trade” , I can work for torch time. I thought about it for a min,he took me in the workshop where I met my first teacher. They gave me a business card and told me if I’m interested I can come back.I returned a few weeks later and started my work trade.

Althought I dropped out of school without any qualifications I managed to achieve these awards and certificates to which I am proud.


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