Art babble (my thoughts)

This is what art means to me. Caravaggio, Picasso, M C Esher. Caravaggio painted the imperfections other artists didn’t.  Picasso’s rivalry with Matisse propelled him in the modern movement, you learn more from your rival “enemies” than your colleagues.  M C Esher reminds me a bit of myself but aside from that,  his work is mathematical brilliance by an artist. This is my brief belief of these artists.

The present art world is crazy. The Mona Lisa curse done by Robert Hughes was thought provoking. I can synthesize with artist like Jackson Pollack or even Rothko. There was a time I couldn’t understand their paintings  What some current artists call art is a joke. I saw one artist piece it looked like wolverine clawed it. Where’s the line drawn really? I’d like to know.

Artists are creating work to sell now! Nobody wants to be a Van Gogh, no one wants their work sold for millions of dollars after their death. Artwork sold by working class artist are sold to maintain the survival of their life. Artwork is being sold by that defining point, that one thing that differentiates one piece of work from everyone else.


One thought on “Art babble (my thoughts)

  1. Interesting thoughts. I agree, especially about art being so commercialized. It’s the main driving force in film, books, everything- will it sell? Less important is the question- does it have something to communicate? Thanks for the thought provoking ideas!

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