Everything takes time

I didn’t start to making money until two years into my career. Those first two excruciating years. Of course I had to be able to handle the medium to certain point in order to make saleable pieces. I also had to define what I was going to be good at;  jewelry. It’s what my first teacher did and it’s what was handed onto me.

The easy part was over, the hard part of it all was making money. It didn’t come right away, I could remember the times weeks would go by before a sale came. I was about to give up, I loved the art but I couldn’t sustain myself and that’s when I got a call from the owner of the studio. He noticed my poor attendance. He senced I was about to give up and he gave me this inspirational speech. Within a few days I returned, the initial goal was to make some sort of money. The goal was reached eventually with some marketing, making between BBD100-150. It wasn’t a large amount of money but it was an achievement.

The whole concept is it takes time. Essentially an art career is like any other career, money needs to be made in order to survive.


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