Necessary evil

Warning! I’m about to sound contradicting.  If you”ve read most of what I post, you would have seen my cv. Sometimes more than often my work is not based on what I wrote in my cv but it’s actually emotional, it can get very emotional. It won’t be seen, the material is so damn beautiful you’ll never know I was ragingly angry when I conceived the idea and made it, or I was going through a roller coaster of emotion when it was being done.

At some point in time people in life hand you some bs and its up to you to decide how you’re going deal with it. I torch it up,  I  just channel all of my energy into the projects I do. Hey! I’m #%$&ing  reclusive with it. Some people can be so toxic it helps to wear a gas mask they can be just as deadly as nerve gas. The best way I can describe myself/ work is an “oyster palm” the pressure from the palm creates a pearl, something of beauty. I guess you need necessary evil.


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