big city artist……. small economy artist


The cost will affect your output. Living in the small economy depending on where you are can get expensive. I’ve done airbrushing and I’m currently occupied as a glass artist. I can say right now in my current field that I import close to everything and I don’t waste anything. That’s an art in itself. My last teacher smiled at me and said “glass is cheap”…… I probably had a stupid surprised look on my face cause my mind was like HELL NO! it ain’t cheap for me.

I’ve ordered material from California in my earlier days, the shipping costs are usually higher than the cost of the material. I don’t even know how I still have a business after those hits. I found a distributor closer so the cost came down to some extent. When it arrives at final destination it’s like gold to a miner.

So I’ve seen these guys working with large torches which throws a really big flame and it can work the material extremely well. Problem for my back home is the fuel costs are doubled so when I light that puppy up I need to be making something off of it other than good looking glass, $$$. I’ve seen artist come and go. It’s almost always cost related.

The small economy  forces you to be more creative because you have less to work with. Over the years I’ve been sculpted into a conservative artist. It’s not a high paying job, my obsession for my work is what keeps me afloat and my discerning clients bring the rewards. I am proud to say that my work has traveled more extensively than me, from New York to Russia, Israel, Australia, London and many more places.


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