The New Jersey Kid

He came and requested a red turtle with blue spots, I told him I’ll make the best red and blue turtle.


Fuel for the Mind

My inspiration is based on the architecture of man and the architecture of nature, I’m not one of those artists who sculpts a flower with leaves unless a client requests it. Human architecture is based on a squared symmetry whereas nature forms a multitude of shapes. I believe the perfect form is sculpted when both are “married”  to create shapes that may give a subtle hint of imperfect perfection. It makes the viewer question the piece “is it suppose to look like that ?”.

Jamal J Ifill

Better Than Baccarat Crystal

Let me state that I’m a huge fan of Bacarrat crystal but here are some jewelry pieces that are better than what they produce. The best part about these pieces is that you won’t fly to several countries to find the same exact “handcrafted’ piece. In future posts I’ll talk about my inspiration on these pieces.


HRH Princess Anne

Princess Anne has a set of 24 karat gold earrings but it’s not your average 24 karat gold. The pure gold is vaporized into the crystal giving it a pink hue but still hints that yellowish gold shimmer. She received the gold set while visiting Barbados.

Princess Anne  Pure 24kt gold earrings

From Germany

Both clients got a frog on a log special, it’s a tiny frog about the size of your pinky fingernail hanging onto small piece of clear.