Micro Business

Pelican Craft Center where my business is located did not get such high reviews on Trip Advisor. Given the amount of talented craftsmen on the island, I personally think management of the complex can make it more appealing to both craftsmen and tourist.
AsĀ chief, cook and bottle washer mostĀ  of the work is at the hands of me, the sole proprietor. A typical day can be hectic even if I’m out of the shop on business (whether running an errand,meeting with clients or attending meetings) that means it’ll be closed sometimes during the day.

Crystal Forms has been added to Google maps. Please feel free to review me once an appointment is made.


Solace Table Lamp

Solace is the first in a series called imperfect perfection. It’s the only one made with the center completely hollow, no light fixtures or wires. The minimalist design started out of my depression. I only intend to make four of these. It looks symmetrically correct but when closely viewed it has “imperfections”, that’s what makes it look interesting when looking from different angles.

Another Planet (Orion)


This pendant was first created in 2006. Both the shape and design were different from what is seen now. It was re-worked two years later changing up the initial design and overall shape of the piece. I was so astonished by the new look of the piece I decided to keep and wear it. Now this year I’ve changed it up again without interfering with the design. The back of the pendant is just as beautiful as the front, it shows how it was before the changes were made so it kept a piece of it’s history.

Teaching is not supposed to be boring!

Theory was never my first choice, practical on the other hand always was. Right after school I met my first teacher in flamework. The first few times of class he gave me books to read which I despised. Eventually I got my hands on the material.  I’m good with my hands so with time and patience I got better. My first teacher was and still is the best to date. I’ve had about four more tutors but the first gave me that solid foundation that I can build on.
Some of his methods of teaching was unorthodox but he got his point across,more importantly he made teaching fun. I wanted to learn even more. The most interesting part is the more I learned the more I needed to know about the material, it’s history, the tools used before and now, anything and everything  so I actually did theory.

The bond we shared went beyond teacher and pupil. I looked up to him as a father figure as he often gave sounded advice on some of my pressing issues and he would look out for my best interest.  Looking back he didn’t need to give his advice or look out for my best interest he could have just taught me flamework but since he did those things I am forever indebted to him.

Thank you Steve Ludwick

Uneasy life of an artist

Signing up to be an artist isn’t such a great deal, when you’re alive that is. The art world is based on death and scarcity of work. Most artist live poor when they’re alive and sell their work to price sensitive clients ,Van Gogh is a classic example.

So why do we continue down this path? We love what we do it’s as simple as that. Sure at times we wish we were in a better paying profession or our work sell as soon as we finished make it, we’re good at our niches. Personally there’s nothing else I rather do so I’ll keep persevering with my unique niche.