Founding artist Jamal j Ifill journey begins  when light captured by a glass paperweight  reflects in his eyes, his curiosity got the best of him, trying to figure out what was It that looked so beautiful from a distance. He found his way into a glass shop ran by a home grown gentleman who received glass blowing skills from Scotland.  The gentleman then introduced him to his first teacher .It was here he began.

Over twenty years experience and comes from rich line of lamp work artist; Jamal’s teacher passes his knowledge and expertise onto the patient artist. After his apprenticeship for several years Jamal travelled to America to be trained by a number of other artists in that same field.

Upon his return he has successfully accomplished awards in Fashion, Art, and succession of business. His small design studio has been highly ranked by tourists and locals as one of the” must see” places in Barbados where you get to see him at work. The artist true ability to sculpt crystal comes from his love with light and to do so with a nontraditional crystal such as borosilicate, while leaving some pieces vivid with true Caribbean heritage.

Jamal is assisted by a few talented designers who have the special gift of the artistic creativity and ability to give tangible expression to ideas through craft creations that are attractive, exceptional and functional.

While it’s time to resume creating please feel free to browse our collections of exotic pieces or stop my design studio for private viewing.

Jamal Ifill
Managing Director


5 thoughts on “About

  1. You are an amazing person and artist. You strive to be better and I know one day it will pay off. Dont ever give up.

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