The title you have

If you’re a racist chances are your mind isn’t fully developed. We need diversity even if you don’t think it’s important. If everyone was the same colour and had the same culture life would be boring.

Different ways of producing ideas to.solve problems to move forward as independent civilizations proves intelligence in all people no matter colour or nationalism.

I personally haven’t encountered any racism only from my own black people who discriminate which in my opinion is a form of racism.

The” N” word doesn’t quite do it for me, sorry for all you racist folks. Maybe cause I haven’t encountered full whiff of racism. Sticks and stones people. That word does not affect the way I perform my job, it doesn’t stop me from sleeping at night, it doesn’t prevent a wonderful and bright future no matter the circumstances.

Its plain unintelligent to think another man is beneath you because of a simple thing like colour. Something no one had control over.




I made this as a successor to a previous piece. I took a closer and realised I can make a successor for this as well.