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Website vs Blog

Which is really better?  A professional will tell you opt for a website, it has a more serious appeal regarding your clients. I back this I actually think it’s true.

Before I started blogging I had an option between the website and a blog, I opted for the blog.  To be honest I was looking at costs. The blog is cheaper but more importantly it feels better to have a blog.I get to express my views and write my autobiography. I’m not a writer, my grammar may not be the best but there’s a sincere fulfillment when I write and the WordPress community is quite encouraging.

The blog suites me better. I can express my artistic views which is what a website doesn’t allow.

Micro Business

Pelican Craft Center where my business is located did not get such high reviews on Trip Advisor. Given the amount of talented craftsmen on the island, I personally think management of the complex can make it more appealing to both craftsmen and tourist.
As chief, cook and bottle washer most  of the work is at the hands of me, the sole proprietor. A typical day can be hectic even if I’m out of the shop on business (whether running an errand,meeting with clients or attending meetings) that means it’ll be closed sometimes during the day.

Crystal Forms has been added to Google maps. Please feel free to review me once an appointment is made.