The craft

In another fifteen to twenty years our crafts industry will be dead or on life support. From my observation a great percentage of the young generation cares for fast dollars.Many pieces takes patience to produce and with each passing piece skill is improved.  It takes years to master an art and even after its been mastered there’s always something new to be learnt.

Craft in Barbados sounds cheap. The word itself sounds cheap. It’s interpreted as a bargin. I stopped going to craft shows for the mere fact that I don’t want to bargin my pieces which in some cases probably took more time to make than a Cartier bracelet. They’re other reasons why I stopped going to shows but that’s besides my point here.

When I made the decision not to continue craft fairs it was a little scary. That’s what  helped me to make some capital but I knew I didn’t want continue doing them. Now a new strategic journey has begun,one that ensures value to my art.


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